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  • Gas Guzzlers Extreme

    Gas Guzzlers Extreme Review

    Netherlands-based game devs Iceberg Interactive's Gas Guzzlers Extreme is a car combat racing game that gets easily lost from most people's attentions.

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  • Turbo Dismount Review

    Turbo Dismount

    There are plenty of interesting ragdoll games out there, but Turbo Dismount is one that not only lets you set up the target, but it also lets you tweak the stage.

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  • Carmageddon: Reincarnation


    Prepare yourself for another maddening ride with Carmaggedon: Reincarnation. This game is more than just about driving fast: it is about hitting furiously.

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  • BlazeRush Review


    Our first taste of BlazeRush came in the form of a nonstop race with wildly explosive opponents and a gigantic spiked roller destroying anything that fell behind on the track -it is fast, frantic.

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  • Road Warrior Racing

    Road Warrior Racing

    Other road racing games allow you to run your opponents off the road, Road Warrior Racing lets you blast them out of the sky. Get ready to upgrade your ride, load up some heavy firepower, then put the pedal to the metal as you blaze through single and multiplayer races with non-stop racing combat. Each major jump is a chance to execute stunts and deliver airborne attacks, each long stretch is a chicken rush to either stay ahead of the competition or put targets in your crosshairs. If you have been looking for a great 2D action racing game for the mobile, this is it.

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