BlazeRush Review: Combining Crashes and Ragdoll Physics

BlazeRush is the perfect game to play when you have a small amount of time and an itch to compete with others. The controls are easy to get used to, the combat mechanics are simplified yet satisfying, the graphics are bright and visually distinctive –simply put, this game was designed to be fun and nothing else. Of course, when you are racing across a madly designed track with weapons blazing, you can expect nothing else. And do not forget the fact that this game also supports the Oculus Rift for some intense visual thrills.

BlazeRush Review

Better than Toybox Turbos

We are going to start off this review with a tip off for all Oculus Rift users: BlazeRush is more exciting to play than Toybox. So if you are stuck of a choice between the two games, get this (or if you passed up on this and got Toybox, consider this a tip to still buy it).

Both games look great on VR and the experience of playing both is immersive –though on a deeper level, BlazeRush simply offers so much more. Naturally inherent to the game is the fact that it is busier –there are weapons flying all over the place, the track itself is trying to defeat the racers, and you will be moving pretty fast across the screen. But the little details also makes the game stand out –the little light effects from the missiles to the glorious explosions that erupt in 3D are nothing short of gorgeous to look at. It really feels like the action is just unfolding in front of you. So if you own an Oculus Rift, consider this a must have purchase.

BlazeRush Review

Back to the Screen

The wonder of BlazeRush is not exclusive to players with access to VR –by itself, the races are incredibly exciting to play. Playing with friends or random people in the lobbies makes each match feel unique and challenging –and there’s a lot of focus on skill in order to dominate (so the battles are truly defined by player experience and skill as opposed to how much they would spend on premium content).


The great thing about having 16 cars to choose from is that you get to try them all out –each vehicle has its own unique abilities and specials. This will allow you to take on courses by combining both speed and firepower. Do not hesitate to concentrate on defeating enemies with sheer firepower –in fact, expect most matches to be based on how quickly you can dispatch your opponents (instead of trying to outrace them all). Combat is the core of gameplay, so practicing on it is encouraged as much as mastering how to drive efficiently in a course.

There’s also a little background story to the game as well –most of the characters their own reasons for taking part in the race and it makes for pretty good reading as well. Each vehicle is uniquely designed –which is good since a sci-fi racer like this game needs to have its’ own identity, and the vehicles deliver exactly that.

All the Colors

This game is more than just easy on the eyes, it looks well detailed too. The various contrails of smoke bursts out of rockets when you fire a salvo on enemy targets to the bright glow of vehicles as they charge up special abilities all add to the splendor of the game. There are some points in the stages that feel a little generic though, and in some cases, it looks a lot like other racers out there with the same formula. Of course, the VR mode is undoubtedly the main visual offering that this game has –sadly, you would have to get an Oculus Rift to enjoy the game to its’ max. In fact, once you try out the game in full 3D, it is hard to play it again in 2D.

BlazeRush Review

The Verdict: Better than Pod Racing

BlazeRush is certainly not the first futuristic racer that was ever made, but it manages to carve out its’ own niche in the genre. Sure, the Oculus Rift support adds a unique level of novelty to the game (since it manages to pull off 3D exceptionally well), but the game itself is pretty good to play. You hop into a car, start a race and you are off. No leveling, no grinding for resources, and certainly no imbalance issues. If you wanted a simple racing game that lets you blow up your enemies to ensure getting the checkered flag, this is it.

Rating: 93/100