Crash Time 3 – The B-Movie of Car Games

Based on a German TV show about the Autobhan Police, Crash Time 3 takes players on an interesting journey into world of high speed law enforcement. The game opens with a botched mission to prevent a terrorist attack on an airport –this results a major tragedy that sets the overall tone for rest of the game. Starting from scratch, players must follow missions that will lead them on the path to defeating this threat. The game provides players with a nice lineup of cars and randomized street traffic which takes away the repetitiveness of missions. Even target vehicles do not follow the same path, this adds a higher replay value to the game as well.

Crash Time 3

This Needs a Re-Dub

The main reason why we would consider Crash Time 3 a b-movie quality game is due to the horrible voice acting. The delivery of the lines are so disjointed and badly performed that it would have been better to have just left the dialogues as onscreen text. Sadly, it does not fall close to the “so bad it’s good” category of weird dubs, the dialogues feel too empty and lifeless to be funny at all.

The best thing would have been to leave the original German voices instead. Due to this, much of the excitement and life that the story has is taken away by the distracting audio. This is a shame since the story content is actually pretty interesting.

Chase Them Down

Most of the missions in the game involve driving and chasing down criminals –but just rampaging through the highway is not enough. Sure, you can finish missions as wildly as possible, but you are ranked every single time –and to get the best rating for each mission, you will have to drive fast and safe. Hitting other vehicles, damaging your own car needlessly, and taking too long will bring your rating down.

Expect to learn how to do the PIT maneuver accurately in the game –as well as being able to drive alongside a speeding car, and of course, learning to shoot. Drones will also pop out later on in the game along with a few other things that will keep the game interesting to play.

Crash Time 3

Not all missions will require you to be ramming the bad guys, sometimes you also have to be stealthy. Shadowing missions will require you to follow vehicles without drawing attention to yourself. To make things simpler, an in-game display indicate the level of the target’s awareness. As long as the suspect is not aware of your presence, you can finish the mission with high marks.

Our favorite missions are the ones where you have to outrun suspects to a specific point in the map. Without having to mind a target vehicle you can concentrate on reaching the goal point in the fastest possible time –of course, you should still avoid hitting anything else on the way.

I Know that Car

One of the limitations that the developers of Crash Time 3 had was the inability to license actual cars for the game –which is such a huge shame since the being able to drive a good car on the Autobhan would have been a major selling point for this title. Still, most of the cars in-game are based off actual vehicles (except with generic logos and a few alterations), so all it takes is a keen eye to identify most of them.

Simple Visuals

Most players would criticize the quality of visuals in Crash Time 3 –the models and textures do tend to be a little flat and blocky. But in compensation for that, the developers have put a really great amount of effort with the lighting and shadows. The Autobahn is a sight to behold regardless of time of day –and having no speed limits means you can blast through it as fast as your vehicle will let you.

Crash Time 3

One other amazing thing about this game is the particle and collision effects –as much as you are encouraged to keep your car intact, the way that this game represents damage is remarkable. And the explosions of enemy vehicles are certainly screencap worthy moments.

The Verdict: More Please

As terrible as the dubbing is, Crash Time 3 is still a game worth playing. It offers plenty of hours of missions, lots of cars to drive, and an insanely huge map. Sure it can use a few adjustments here and there, but the gameplay is already solid and the driving controls feel natural (learning the game is pretty much an intuitive process), overall, we consider this game a perfect item to add any driving aficionado’s library.

Rating: 85/100