Destructive Car Crashing Games: Bring Out Your Wreckless Side!

1. Gas Guzzlers Extreme

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8/10

PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

Fast cars, wicked tracks, and all the firepower that you can fit in between - Gas Guzzlers Extreme has the right recipe for making things explode with style. Every race you play feels like a Michael Bay action movie: full of explosions set to the rhythm of a bass-pounding soundtrack. Shiny vehicles get fitted and mounted with gatling guns, mine deployers, missile launchers, and more -then you get to unleash it all on your opponents. We love the way the game moves away from the more rustic look of Mad Max style cars and gives you vehicles that feel like they just came out of a showroom -but still keeps enough attitude to have all your armaments loaded on top. Spiffy graphics, well picked music tracks, and tight combat controls round up this absolutely delightful blast-fest of a car crashing game of destructive proportions!

2. Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.6/10


Ragdoll chaos reaches new literal heights in this launch game as you get to play with anything and everything: all to simulate the most devastating and destructive crashes ever. From oil slicks to randomized traffic, this game is filled with a wide assortment of tools both random and controlled. And once you finish setting everything up, you also choose a vehicle and dummy position to victimize. Turbo Dismount's savage appeal is toned down by its' more family friendly visuals -the textures are flat and generic, keeping everything down to a pure simulator feel (which means you can have the kids try this for fun too).

3. Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Carmageddon: Reincarnation Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.8/10

PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Carmageddon: Reincarnation, for lack of a better way to describe it, is the Twisted Metal game we have all been waiting for. Strange vehicles, unique weapons, and massive arenas where destroying everything is par for the course -it may not be the only game to do it, but we love it nonetheless. It is not just mindless violence however, tactics and skill come into play as players must learn to master their favorite vehicles and learn to understand how other cars fight. Unique weapons and stats means that each car in Carmageddon Reincarnation handles and fights differently -just the way it should be.

4. BlazeRush

BlazeRush Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.6/10


BlazeRush is the kind of racer that looks simple at first glance, but once the missiles and lasers start blasting, things get hairy pretty fast. This top down futuristic action-racer will have you slamming on the pedal and shooting competitors out of the lead as you race through futuristic tracks onboard strange-looking race craft. It also has an interesting storyline for those who bother to pay attention to it as well. Best of all, BlazeRush also supports the use of Oculus Rift and is undoubtedly, one of the most amazing things you will get to see in full 3D.

5. Crash Time 3

Crash Time 3 Car Crash Game

Game Score: 7.4/10

PC, Xbox 360

This video game adaptation of a German TV series of the Autobahn Police will have you chasing down criminals and fighting against terrorists in a massive city. Players learn to perform various tactical maneuvers (yes, PIT included) in order to chase and takedown suspects. Being on the side of the law means you get less rewards for causing too much mayhem, but no other game will reward you for speeding like crazy while avoiding damaging anything around you. Its' not all wild chases though, the game also provides other types of missions such as shadowing suspects or racing towards objective locations.

6. Next Car Game Wreckfest

Next Car Game Wreckfest Car Crash Game

Game Score: 9.2/10


Wreckfest is an incredible destruction derby simulator. Not much in terms of choices in cars (which is expected of a destruction derby), but you get plenty of stages and play modes -as well as a large number of active realtime opponents who will be out to smash your car to little metal bits. Get ready to slam the pedal to the metal as you find ways to earn takedowns on enemy cars. This game is all about grinding your car against other cars until they stop moving, and it is fun. Next Car Game's game engine also supports an incredible level of detail when it comes to showcasing car damage: doors break, noses collapse, and everything else on a car can get damaged. The visuals are persistent and will last throughout the match making it feel as if you are really watching a live derby.

7. Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.6/10

PC, PS Vita, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360

Fast cars, street rules, and an open world -Need for Speed: Most Wanted is not a re-release of the old EA games of the same name. This Criterion made racefest brings together the spirit of both Need for Speed and Burnout, providing gamers with impressive racing simulation with adrenaline pumping car-grinding action. Most Wanted also plays like a best of NFS; if you played the previous games, you will love the integration of modes available in the older games such as Crew Challenges, repair garages (from Burnout Paradise), Autolog, Blacklist and more.

8. DiRT Showdown

DiRT Showdown Car Crash Game

Game Score: 7.4/10

PC, PS3, Xbox 360

The name does connect this game to the original DiRT franchise, but Showdown is so much more than a sequel -it is a complete reimagining of the series with a serious focus on destruction derby style racing. Crazy looking cars, bright colors, and chaotic mayhem will fill your screen in this incredible car crash game. Add in the fact that it supports online as well as local multiplayer (split screen is so rare now), and you get a huge boost in the replay value when you play with other people.

9. FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.4/10

PC, Xbox 360, PSP

When you are not smashing up opponent vehicles, you will be ramming down the stage -or so goes the gameplay of FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. This game has so much environmental destructibles that you really have to keep an eye out for them -bumping other racers into obstacles is a great way to slow them down. At the same time, smashing your way through barriers at high speed is a great way to vent some stress. Regardless of how you play, this wild, no-holds barred racing game is a great choice if you just need to ride a car and drive into stuff.

10. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.8/10

PC, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3

This one is a bit of a classic -Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is a 'racing' game that lets you play as either an illegal street racer or one of the cops. The game sports different campaign modes depending on which one you choose: racers have access to faster cars while cops have tougher and stronger vehicles. The gameplay is also quite different for the two, which is why it is one of the game that we can truly recommend despite its' age. Of course, topping off the duality of the game is the impressive graphics -which, despite being a bit dated, NFS HP has managed to age pretty well.

11. FlatOut 2

FlatOut 2 Car Crash Game

Game Score: 8.4/10


This is a racing game where your speed is not the only thing that lets you win: smashing into your opponents is just as important. Of course, with all the other race-and-slam style games already listed, why bother with an old title? That is because FlatOut 2 is the only game that lets you throw a driver out of a vehicle. This game's ridiculous ragdoll physics allows players to slam into things so hard that the driver is literally ejected out of the windshield. There is even an entire game mode where you have to throw the driver into specific targets. It is definitely crazy fun, and makes this game worth picking up just for that one feature alone.

Slam It and Crash It

There you have it folks, car games that slam metal bits so hard that you will find yourselves bracing in your seats. From no-rules racing, to destruction derbies, to just outright gunning down opponents, there are plenty of more ways for you to experience the joy of successfully smashing into an enemy car and hear the satisfying squeak of bending metal. From head on collisions to fiery explosions, you simply cannot have car-crazy action without gratuitous amounts of destruction; and the games above deliver plenty of it.