Send the Driver Flying Out the Window in FlatOut 2

Seeing your driver flying out the windshield for the first time in the original FlatOut may have been a shock but it probably made for a memorable moment and perhaps a lot of laughs. In the sequel, FlatOut 2 this silly little feature has been turned into an actual segment for the game's Career mode. Aptly called "Ragdoll Olympics", this consists of twelve events that will have you torturing your driver as you play darts, go bowling and much, much more. For instance, in the High Jump mini game, your goal is to send the hapless character smashing through the windshield, flying as high as he can before he collides with the target. Don't expect realistic physics here, the poor guy will flop about like a ragdoll but trust us, that makes it even more entertaining.

FlatOut 2

Great for Groups

Looking for an awesome party game? Bugbear has you covered as FlatOut 2 gives you the ability to hold events one after the other. Instead of toggling between single events, you can now queue a sequence of mini games so you can play uninterrupted. As the game tracks your progress and tallies points on a Leaderboard, it is easier than ever to challenge your pals.

Although races are still unlocked in a sequential order, you are not forced to finish one class before moving on to the next. Provided that you already have a car for each, you can jump to any of the three racing classes whenever you wish. You will need to win a set number of races to clear a cup. This then unlocks a new set and gives you some goodies to enhance your car's stats. This is as simple as it gets and that makes it accessible even for those who have never gotten behind the wheel of a virtual vehicle.

Wrecking Things is Satisfying

Games in the FlatOut series wouldn't be as addictive if they didn't feature a staggering number of destructible objects. Nevertheless, if you loved the original's capability for car-crunching chaos then you will likely be blown away by the subtle, yet undeniably impactful, improvements applied to the sequel. Rather than skidding too darn often and feeling like a lightweight cardboard box instead of a mean racing machine, the rides in FlatOut 2 handle a lot better. Yes, it still retains much of its arcade style feel but you will now be able to control the vehicles down to managing how much gas you want to feed to speed up or slow down. The touch of simulation racing helps set FlatOut 2 apart from the popular Burnout series and offers avid arcade racers something new to master.

FlatOut 2

Do you dig seeing debris? Are you the type to crash into anything and everything that gets in your way? Well, no amount of destruction will feel satisfying without great graphics to back it up and FlatOut 2 shines in that aspect. This is a game in which exploding gas stations, crushed podiums and flying traffic cones are a normal occurrence. As sparks fly when vehicles scrape against each other, it's plain to see Bugbear's careful attention to detail.

Though not quite in the caliber of the game's demolition effects, the environments have also gotten a facelift from the original. Instead of confining the events to a couple of generic tracks, FlatOut 2 has rustic forests, parched deserts and slick city streets thrown into the mix. To keep you at the edge of your seat, not all of these tracks are created equal when it comes to road hazards. While one may have fences to keep you going the right direction, the next may require you to crash through windows, fly off rooftops or maneuver like a maniac to squeeze into narrow spaces without losing speed. There are six environments all in all with several tracks within each one.

FlatOut 2

A Susbstantial Sequel

FlatOut 2's value lies in its ability to deliver pure, unadulterated fun. There's never a dull moment, what with the number of things to smash, vengeful opponents to beat and challenging tracks to navigate. Are you looking for something to play with your friends? Its online mode is fully-featured and the ability to hold tournaments with your choice of events makes it a top contender in terms of multiplayer content. This game may not have the depth in its more established competitors but FlatOut 2 is a must-try for anyone looking for some controlled car chaos.