Road Warrior Racing Review: Teaches You to Bring Missiles to a Gunfight

Some days, we wish that Road Warrior Racing was a fully developed 3D racing game. It features insane jumps, collapsible stage routes, weapon powerups, and cars that are designed to blow each other up. Even in the game's current 2D iteration, it is already fun and exciting to play. Each race ends pretty quickly making it perfect for break-time gaming, and the rewards you get each time feel substantial (though you will have to do a bit of grinding at the very start).

Road Warrior Racing Review

What is Road Warrior Racing?

RWR is a 2D racing game that allows you to outfit and upgrade a car then send it off to take part in a race. Races, by definition, are won by getting first place. There are also plenty of incentives for players to consider blowing up the competition on their way to getting the checkered flag. In course of the race, players will encounter large jumps for performing stunts, item pickups for extra ammo, cash or repairs, as well as other racers. You cannot bump, hit, or crash into other cars in the game, but as long as you have ammunition, you can shoot them. The cars are mounted with automatic aiming systems so as soon as you see a reticule over a target, you can hit the shoot button.

The Controls

Playing Road Warrior Racing is a simple matter of pitching your car's nose up and down for the stunt sequences (allowing you to perform flips), as well as for balancing your car's angle of landing - a bad crash will slow you down and cancel out any current stunt you are performing.

On the other side of the screen are the buttons for the brakes and the trigger for your weapon. Your car will automatically accelerate in this game, but there are times when slowing down may be a good idea -such as when you want to go inside an alternate route in a stage or want to get behind an enemy car to shoot them. Of course, the trigger button is used when you are going to unload bullets or missiles on a target vehicle.

Road Warrior Racing Multiplayer

Playing the Game

As noted by, the biggest rewards to be earned in the this game are obtained by getting the first place in a race -this is not easy. Even in the low star rating races, you will have to face off against pretty fast cars. Fortunately, your racing spot is not the only thing that earns money. By performing flips and by killing other cars, you can also get a pretty good amount of cash. Most of the early part of the game is spent farming the lower lever races in order to properly upgrade the starter car and possibly even get a good weapon.

When racing, be sure to use the pitch controls to keep the wheels on the ground in order to maintain maximum acceleration. Of course, jumps will require you to have a perfect landing -if you don't, the car blows up and you lose valuable time. Fighting against the other cars is not a good idea with the starter gun. Better wait for an upgrade before deciding to start hunting down other vehicles. Also, when racing on straight paths, try to get a good distance over the other cars -if they stay on your tail, you will be vulnerable to attacks.

Monster Flipped Fun

Visually, the game could use a bit of polish and more life as it's somewhat reminds us of the old micro machines, see, rather than real cars. The cars look pretty dull when they should be looking dangerous and edgy. But that's just a little thing compared to the fun gameplay that Road Warrior Racing delivers. Add in the fact Road Warrior Racing it also has a pretty good multiplayer race system for players with high end cars and you get a title that has tons of replay value as well as late-game content.