Trials Frontier Brings Offroad Motorcyling to the Mobile

This free to play installment of the Trials series is a big transition for fans of the original games. Gone are the subtle analog controls that allows you ease up on the throttle and the slight tweaks to your nose pitch when landing. The game strips down the controls to the bare minimum: speed and pitch control. The result is a game that allows you to just focus on the simple things –moving fast and landing right. There is still room for fancy stunts, but there is a lot less emphasis on that this time around.

Trials Frontier

A New World

Trials Frontier is a sequel, and this distinction is felt throughout the game. Players start out immediately on the road –learning the controls is done through a very quick and seamless introduction. This section ends with the player crashing the bike and finding themselves rescued by a small, semi-isolated village. With your ride busted, you will have to buy a weak old motorcycle from the village and as thanks for their help, accomplish missions.

The missions are not pro-bono. The rewards that the player earns are used to upgrade the motorcycle allowing you to drive faster and spin better. This will make later races a lot easier as well.

Free to Play

As a mobile app, it is not surprising that Trials Frontier is F2P with IAPs. While this may be a disappointment for fans of the series, fret not. There is not much contain hidden behind the paywall, and the game is fun enough to justify an initial purchase of a gem bundle or two. In fact, the only instance where the pay content is noticeable is when you run out of fuel. This consumable takes a while to replenish and is used each time you play

Looks Good, Plays Well

The great thing about being part of a larger series is that Frontier benefits from the polish a sequel gets when compared to the original. The stages are well defined and the character animations are pretty smooth for a mobile game. Even the stunts look cool when performed in the game. The loss of control does hamper the game a little bit, but learning deal with the nuance of the new touch based system takes only a short bit of time.

Trials Frontier

The best thing about the game is the fact that it is cleverly designed –the presence of the premium currency makes sense from a narrative perspective. The missions you do also progress in terms of how much you have to do. You skill grows along with the specs of your motorcycle and the challenge of the game rises accordingly. This is good game balance at work, and it makes playing Trials Frontier fun and enjoyable.

Try Not to Crash

For a free mobile app, Trials Frontier is one of the more fun virtual bike games with lots of content that will keep you coming back to it. The stages look great and are fun to race in. There are plenty of big jumps, ramps, loops, and other environmental elements that make each run feel different from the last. Best of all, watching your racer perform spins and stunts in the air is a highly satisfying experience. There are a few points where the game’s pace feels a little slow or redundant, but even a little bit of grinding will see you past anything the maps throw at you. Whether you are a motorcycle/bike stunt enthusiast or just someone looking for a good game to play, Trials Frontier will answer your gaming fix.