Gas Guzzlers Extreme: A Good Game that is Easy to Miss

From snowed-in villages to hot sandy deserts, Gas Guzzlers Extreme takes racers on a wild ride across the world as they race to the finish line. Get ready to bring in your best driving skills as you bring both man and machine to races that combine your mastery of tracks with your ability to figure out clever shortcuts –and just before you go thinking that this is an ordinary racing game, think again. GG Extreme will have you fitting your ride with machine guns, auto turrets, missile launchers and more. This game is all about riding fast and shooting that manages to go faster than you, this is Gas Guzzler Extreme.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Car Crash Game

Skip the Grunge Look

One of the first things we expected upon hearing that Gas Guzzlers Extreme was a road racing game with vehicular combat was that vehicles would look at home in the set of a Mad Max movie or a Twisted Metal game. Sure, it sounds like a stereotype, but "armor-plated cars with hood mounted weaponry" is an imagery that many gamers are all too familiar with. Instead of that, Iceberg went for the James Bond-ish Spyhunter look instead: sleek looking cars with mounted with badass weaponry.

And by "sleek looking cars", we are not talking about the generic super-car X-brands that we often see in games. GGE has 18 branded vehicles for you to mod, upgrade, and yes, fit with all sorts of weaponry. If you ever wanted to mount a pair of chainguns on a Dodge Viper SRT-10, or fire homing missiles from behind the wheels of a Benz SLR McLaren, or have the glorious feeling of watching your opponent’s Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 explode in a ball of fire –this is the game for you. Seriously, if you love good cars and making stuff blow up, this paragraph alone should be enough of a reason to play this game.

The best bit of all is that all the vehicles are designed to look exquisitely well detailed. Sure there’s still a bit of that uncanny valley feel to the textures that reminds you that you are looking at CG (or maybe having mounted guns gives it away), but once you are racing a over 100mph and you’re gunning your way to first place, any CG awkwardness instantly disappears.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Car Crash Game

Don't Play Nice

There is a reason why the guns in this game are not located in hidden compartments that pop out only when needed. It is to remind you that every single car in the race has guns, you better use them whenever you can –because your opponents will be doing the exact same thing.

As you drive around the courses, there are literally dozens of weapon pickups that will allow you to unleash a torrent of destruction on your enemies or provide you with the means to defend yourself against attacks. Those, in addition to your main weapons, will be the main element that determines your place in the race. Having a good fast car is simply the first step –having weapons and knowing when to use is just as important (if not more).

Stop Staring, Start Shooting

We pointed out the fact that the cars here are not grungy because the game just looks incredibly classy. Vehicles can be given custom pain jobs, decals, and other customization features that would make any car-modding junkie salivating with delight. You can of course, go for the more rustic looking effects if that's more to your liking. In the course of the race, expect the windows to get broken, bullet holes to tear across your body and yes, plenty of scratches, dents, and other forms of vehicular damage to be visibly represented.

The cars are not the only cool thing in this game. Players also get to customize their drivers, ride across impressive courses that would look at home in a regular professional style racing game, and best of all, watch beautiful explosions whenever another racer goes boom. You get to do all this to a rather spectacular soundtrack as well (which seems to be a great norm for many racing game), and speaking of audio, your driver's custom sound clips adds plenty of attitude and charm to every race you join.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme Car Crash Game

The Verdict: Surprising Enjoyment

At first glance, it is all too easy to pass up on Gas Guzzlers Extreme –with so many other bigger name titles out there, that's already expected. But a closer look at the game will quickly show you that it has so much to offer in terms of fun and enjoyment –especially if combat racing is the kind of thing that makes you excited. Add in all the great licensed vehicles, the competitive multiplayer feature (sadly, there are not that many players online, but the game will quickly fill in empty slots with impressive bot AI), and the addictive gameplay and this will quickly make up to your list of go-to titles when you need a fast action gaming fix.

Rating: 92/100